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Categories Of Animations

They are among the most attractive and good art that you can see nowadays. Animations began a long time ago, its history stretches back to 5000BC when we had no technology, but people made this in the traditional ways. Though we have evolved and the digital landscape has taken over, but the way animations were created in the past is being utilized nowadays.

All over today in many colleges and institutions, we have many students studying animations, the area has become quite lucrative because of the use of technology and the fact that animations are becoming the most preferred arts and videos by many. With the growth and discovery of technology we have had quite a variety of animations that one can do. Check out some of the types of animations that have been there since their discovery.

Simple animations are the first type we can discuss. They are the earliest forms of animations. It was quite funny then; the idea was that the people could create an animated picture on a page in a book and when the pages were flipped really quick, one could notice the motion of the picture. What was actually the thing is the use of stop motion, no camera at all. Nowadays still people make them, but they utilize the technology aspects to do that.

Traditional animation is another type of animation ever to have been created. The then films especially in the 20th century utilized the traditional animations to make the films during those times. It was, however, a long process. They made the use of cells, whereby you could easily draw pictures; however this would take a long time. When that was done, each acetate sheet was photographed onto a separate frame of film. Though it was hard, but it also formed the basis for the invention of the more modern animated videos, it embraced and took a lot of artistic skill and numerous artistic styles. However, it had become unnecessary when digital techniques were invented, some of the modern animators utilize smart technology.

Computer animations are also types of animations that are being created today. With the invention of the computer, we also had experts influencing animation with that. The motive was that there be a creation of animated video with the use of computer technology. It is more controllable and faster than the traditional animations.

Digital 2D animations have also made their way into the existing types of animations available today. We had the digital 2D but you know technology keeps on evolving today we have the digital 3D animations and many more to come. We also have the motion capture animations recently. As technology expands we expect more and more sophisticated forms of animations to be created.

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