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Tips for Fighting a Dui Legally
The law doesn’t allow drunkard drivers to be on the road because they drive carelessly something that contributes to road accidents. When you are arrested by the officers when you are under the influence of the alcohol then you are going to be penalized with the mistake of driving under the alcohol influence. A research done in 2016, showed that over 1 million drivers were arrested because they drove while they were drunk. This tells you that it’s possible to be arrested if you drive after taking alcohol. However in case you are arrested and you feel like you don’t deserve the arrest you can win the case in many ways. For more info about the tricks that can help you to evade the charges check this page.

In case you didn’t do anything wrong that prompted the officer to stop you then you can easily win the case. Sometimes the officer may stop you for no reason and that can give you a chance to win the case because they must give a probable cause for your stop so that your arrest can be valid. When the officer stops you and you had not committed any traffic offense the other evidence against you will be termed irrelevant.

The defectiveness of the alcohol test. This may not be easy for you to explain in court but you can hire a DWI lawyer who understands how this trick works. The device is prone to failures, and also the officer may have mishandled the device and other failures which gives the lawyer the chances to defend you. This implies that the evidence of your alcohol level may not be accurate because of the above-mentioned problems.

A medical condition will also be another trick to evade the case. Something good about somebody conditions like heartburn, acid reflux, and others contaminate the air from the lungs hence making the BAC reading unrealistic.

The effects of your diet on the alcohol test. If you have been using low carbs or you are a diabetic condition you are likely to record high levels of the alcohol due to ketones that make isopropyl alcohol which cannot be distinguished from the ethyl alcohol easily.

The BAC level takes time to be absorbed in your body and therefore you can defend yourself that the level your alcohol was below the arrestable level until when you were faced by the arrest threat.

The breath test can be inaccurate if there was the case of poor lighting, poor footwear, bad weather and many more.

Then if the office didn’t arrest you while driving you to have the reason to avoid the charges of the dwi lawyer. When the officer doesn’t give correct details about your case you have a chance to win the case.