Practical and Helpful Tips:

Steps for Car Scratch Repair.

Wear and tear is a common thing for car owners. A car scratch can occur when your car is parked, or when you are driving. To repair the damage, you will use around 0. To avoid situations where you are paying more than you should, it is advisable you know how to do some auto body repairs. The tips below are of great help, if you want to know how to repair car scratches.

The thing with car scratches you cannot hide them, even if they are small.

The first step is always examining the extend of the damage. More techniques will be required, of the extend of the cut is deep. You can test the extend of the scratch using your fingernail.

If your fingernail can slide to the scratch easily, then the scratch is not deep. If the scratch is major, you fingernail will not slide easily, and you will need professional help.

It is important you wash the scratch before you start any repairs. If you don’t wash the scratch, you will have a had time when buffing. If you are looking for something to use for cleaning, use a power hose. Apart from the power hose, you will also need a sponge and soap to clean. Lastly, dry it using microfiber towel or you can wait for the water to evaporate.

If the damage is minor, the step is repairing the scratch is using toothpaste. Toothpaste is ideal since it acts as a sand paper that buffs imperfections away. Take a damp microfiber towel and pour some toothpaste on it, after put the towel on the scratch, and using circular motions buff out the damage. When doing this, avoid using so much pressure. After that rinse the toothpaste away, then repeat 2 other times, if the damage is still there, it is advisable you look for a more powerful repair method.

A scratch repair kit will be required, if the repairs are deep. The price for a scratch repair kit is around $15- $25, which is still cheaper that hiring a detailer to do the repairs. For major scratches, look for a polishing compound. When you put the scratch remover on a towel, spread it on the scratch until it disappears.

The repair kits will not get rid of the scratches completely, they will only make them subtle. It can be expensive to do repairs on the scratches all the time, you should consider using getting a new car. If you need a new car, check popular ones here.

If the car has several scratches or the scratches are very deep, the best option is painting your car. First, you will need to sand the paint in the direction of the scratch, next, you will need to wash the sanded paint away, then apply a primer, after it has dried, spray a few coats of paints over the area.