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Guidelines On Things To Do While Injured In A Car Accident

Accidents do occur even when you are driving safely. If you did not cause the accident, then it’s better to apply for a personal injury lawsuit to be compensated. But before you get to that point, there are several things to do on the scene of the accident. When it’s a minor accident consider moving the vehicle aside to avoid more accident. If there are injuries the first thing to do, if you can, is to make a call to 911 for immediate help. At times it’s hard to call 911 due to the extent of the injury, let someone else make the call.

It’s important to check on the passengers whether they are safe. If you can, move to get them out of the car for safety and if possible place the road safety signs to avoid more accidents. When you are severely injured, wait or paramedics and do not move the passenger. On the other hand you can apply first aid to the passenger if they are not badly injured using the safety kit on the car as you wait for paramedics.

Ensure that you capture all the details of the vehicle that caused the accident. You need the driver’s name, driving license number, car make, color, license plate, and the insurance company. If you can, capture the images of the accident from different sides to get more solid evidence. Note that you need to get the exact location of the accident, the timing, and witnesses if there is any.

Next, you need to ensure that the relevant authorities have documented the accident within the area. Ensure that you capture the details of the police officer name, the badge number, and the station to follow up on the case and to avoid loss of evidence. Once the officer is done request to have a copy of what is documented.

After treatment then you can file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation from the accident. You cannot do this alone but with the help of a personal injury attorney who prepares and represents you during the hearing. Note that you need to keep track of your medical condition after the accident, the medication used, the amount of money paid for the treatment for easier reference. Indicate also whether the accidents have caused trauma and stress which affected you and if you attended therapy for the same. At times the accident can lead to loss of a job when you cannot perform the duties assigned, indicate this on the lawsuit.