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What To Do If You Slip And Get Hurt Due To Carelessness

An accident can overwhelm you to an extent you may not realize it is not your fault. It is your right to ask for compensation when pain and suffering is caused by someone’s carelessness. This also includes workplace injuries.

Majority of common causes of fall and slip injuries are as a result of poorly maintained property. Managers or property owners re responsible for passers-by injuries. In case of such an accident, you have the right to sue the owner as long as you can prove that they are partly or wholly responsible for overlooking of certain hazards.

Common issues that cause slip and fall injuries are cracked sidewalks, damaged carpeting, damaged floorboards, unsuitable handrails and floors that don’t have warning signs. At times one can go unscathed but others such as the elderly can get serious injuries. Depending on how serious a fall is one can suffer from spinal cord injury or break a leg or an arm. Taking care of medical bills can strain your finances a lot. You can hire a personal injury lawyer to help you get compensated well.

Suffering and pain means physical and mental pain from injuries. Also, it can be caused by depression, pain and anxiety from treatment or surgery. Spine injury can cause chronic pain for life. Post-traumatic stress disorder also occurs in serious cases.

Make sure you collect proof in case you get into a slip and fall accident. You should prove that the accident was due to their negligence. If your case goes to trial, the jury will access the evidence to determine if your claim is true. Most property owners offer an out of court settlement. However, in case the defendant gets defensive, the case needs to go for trial. It is important to know that not every personal injury case is caused by the defendant’s negligence. For example, job based injuries follow state regulations, you are required to submit worker’s compensation.

For you to prove a claim, you will have to provide a detailed incident report from the property you slipped or fell in. You will need eyewitness accounts to prove how you got injured and solid testimony from the medical practitioner who treated you. Get records of treatment and pictures of the accident to help your lawyer build your case. Also, you need documentation of the salary lost from missing work to help you claim for lost wages.

Slips and falls cause emotional distress that can prevent you from getting employed.To alleviate the pain, they need to take responsibility by paying for bills and treatments. You will need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with the process.