8 Graduation Gifts For Your College Grad

When selecting the courses you plan on taking, be sure to take full advantage of what studying in another country has to offer. If you’re studying in Paris, what better place to take French-if you’re studying in London, take British History. In other words, wait until you’re back home for that Intro to U.S. Government class!

Brown: This method uses a frying pan to ‘brown’ the outside of meat. When browning large cuts of meat only the outside cooks, the inner meat remains raw and is cooked by a different method.

I had above average SAT scores (nothing to take me to Harvard though) and therefore had a wider selection of options for myself. Therefore, my final decision would largely be determined by the funds from my parents, any scholarships or grants, and the money I could earn through on-campus work study. I visited the web sites of each college and took virtual tours of the facilities they offered. Each had its strengths -huge libraries, modern university apartments, student body size, a variety of extra curricular activities and sports, and more.

However, a fortuitous night out in Los Angeles’ Chinatown resulted in him meeting a casting associate for a music video producer, who asked him if they’d like to participate in the production. Although, he helped recruit several friends for the music video and worked on the production, he was not paid.

Window coverings. The University of Northern Iowa provides mini blinds for all of its apartments. You will have to buy window coverings if the windows are bare.

Location. You probably want to be as close to the campus as possible. Ithaca College’s student apartments are close to the campus walkway and it takes only 12 minutes to reach the campus center.

Lease. Auburn University in Alabama offers a “By-the-Bed” lease agreement that says you’re responsible for your portion of the rent only. Students aren’t penalized if a roommate fails to pay rent on time or at all.