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A Guide in Truck Maintenance.

More than 1 million deaths are been caused by road traffic accidents. Vehicle system defects and failure is the cause of these death. If you are a truck driver, you can reduce most of these failures by doing maintenance on your truck. Your truck life span increases by doing regular maintenance on your truck. To keep your truck running properly, below is a truck maintenance checklist.

It is recommended you have the engine of your truck cleaned regularly. Dirt and debris will clog your engine, if it is not cleaned regularly. In the long-run the road life and performance of our truck will be reduced. When you clean your engine, you can easily see any leaks that need to be fixed. If you want to learn more about how to identify and fix engine problems, check out truck troubleshooting guide for tips.

In addition, check the fluids, so that in case they are low, you can top them up. To ensure your engine coolant does not become acidic and damage other parts of the engine, it is important you have it changed. Ensure you use the right coolant, so that your engine does not overheat.

Checking is the window washer is full is also important.

Changing the engine oil of your truck ensures engine fuel efficiency. The engine oil can overheat and get damaged, if the oil is below the minimum. You can know, if components of your oil engine are wearing down, if the oil has particles. The oil color should be yellow or amber, if its dark or black, it is important you do an oil change. When picking the oil for your truck, ensure you pick the right one.

Also, it is important you replace the air and oil filters regularly. Air filters prevent dirt and debris from getting to the engine and ensures there is enough oxygen to break the fuel to power. The functioning of the engine components is affected by the oil filters.

It is important you rotate and balance the tires. You will end up using a lot of money for maintenance, if your tires don’t wear out evenly. Balancing the tires of your truck, prevents increased wear on your suspension.

Also, it is important you assess your lights. It is important you confirm, if the interior and exterior lights are working perfectly.
In addition, inspect the wheel-end, by doing so you increase safety and maximizes the road performance.
By cleaning the exterior of your truck, you maintain its paint. It is important you use the right sponge and brush to clean your truck.

A manufacturer’s manual will have several tips on how you can do truck maintenance by yourself.

It is advisable you have a car expert to a truck inspection from time to time.