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Guidelines for Purchasing the Best Hospital Safety Doors

During their design, facility doors rarely get the attention the deserve, whether it’s for new construction or a renovation project. For most people, the finish and appearance of the door is more important than making sure that it meets the minimum functionality requirements. What the manufacturers fail to understand is that doors designed in this way can turn to unending responsibilities for a building’s management to keep the premises safe and accessible. A few years back, ignoring the requirements of a facility safety door was not much of a problem.

The use of a door was limited to relatively easy tasks by then and a good lock was all it took to meet the requirements. Today, doors are meant to do more than add to the aesthetics and lock. Apart from the provision of security, doors are required to meet specific safety requirements for the occupants. Before buying a door, therefore, you need to think about a lot of things as a facility manager. This site intends to help facility managers pick the right door and door hardware without too much of a problem.

What most people do not know is that choosing a door is more than picking one that meets the needs of your facility. As it ages, your door will need some maintenance and repairs and you have to think about it in the financial aspect. In a bid to maintain a door’s functionality without considering this during the purchase, the management may end up spending a lot of money and time. It id worth noting that poorly maintained doors compromise a facility’s security, the safety of the occupants and the energy use of the entire building. They can also cause damage to other parts of the facility such as floors and walls.

If the door is meant for a specific task, look at it keenly and find out how the durability of the door is going to be affected by this function. In most cases, the performance levels of a door are determined by criteria such as life safety, emergency egress, loss prevention, and the security if a facility’s occupants. Some may be more important than others even though they are all applicable.

Look at the facility when the doors are being installed. There is no way you are going to fix a door meant for a children’s education facility in a health center. By doing this, you will be subjecting the doors to a use and abuse that is entirely different from what their design supports. Hospitals are places where emergency cases are regular and the doors should be able to meet the demands. This results in reduced efficiency.

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