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Nashville, TN – Nashville is home to country music and Vanderbilt University. Rents range from 9 to ,020, but the mortgage payment is only about 0.While the vast majority of students enrolled in four-year university programs live on or around the college campus, many students attending community colleges continue to remain commuters. This is beginning to change as community colleges expand and have been adding university apartments with this growth.The story has its roots in the population boom of the last 30 years. That boom in school population, yes mostly on San Antonio’s north and west sides, created a huge demand for providers of post secondary education. Anyone with a kid in college in the last 15 years knows that the University of Texas and Texas A&M can’t keep up with the demand. Hence the rise of formerly second tier schools, locally Texas State and UT – San Antonio. Who ever thought in 1977 that UTSA would have a student population of 30 thousand, much less a football team playing in the WAC in 2012?