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Important Information That You Must Know Of When It Comes To Court Reporting

One very important thing that you need to know with regards to court reporting is the fact that it involves certain equipment and equally certain skills as well to use the said equipment in transcribing spoken words into verbatim written record. If you are just a regular observer and does not have any background experience using steno machine, you will surely be mystified with the twenty-two buttons that is possess. For sure, you will start to ask yourself how such a thing happen when the alphabet comprises of twenty-six letters. The unusualness of the equipment used in court reporting is one thing, the ability of court reporters to transcribe words into text at a speed that will put the fastest typist to shame is another. Not only that, there goes the fact as well that the modern court reporting equipment being used today allows for real-time transcriptions. Through this, court reporting has evolved and it continues to become an interesting field that will surely pique your curiosity.

There are other things regarding court reporting that you should be aware of such as that it all began with the machine. Court reporting is a process by which court reporters are using steno machines to transcribe, word-for-word, whatever is spoken into text. For those of you out there who may have seen a real steno machine, surely, you noticed how it has fewer keys compared to a typical keyboard. Steno machine works by allowing court reporters to write words in accordance to the syllables of the words, not the letters of every word. The buttons on a steno machine are laid out in the following format: the keys on the left are used to embody the beginning sound of a syllable; as for the middle, the keys there are used to signify the middle sound of a syllable, and; with regards to the keys on the right, they denote the ending sound of a syllable.

Because of how the middle sound is a syllable is for a vowel sound and the beginning and ending sounds are for consonants, this lead to them being grouped accordingly and are positioned in such a way that the left hand enters the beginning consonant while the right hand enters the ending consonant. And since syllables have the tendency of starting and ending with the letter S, you will that there are two S in the steno machine, the same with the letters T, P, and R as well.

All these and more are the things that you must learn about when it comes to court reporting.

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