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The Importance of Dogs in Reducing Stress for Americans at Work

A notable fact of 8 out of 10 of Americans is that they do have stress related issues. It is notable that many people consider taking much caffeine and having mindful meditation as a way of curbing the stress that they have. There are, however, people talking of how dogs have the ability to reduce stress too. The following are reasons as to why dogs are considered to be stress relievers.

Firstly, dogs make it possible for one to believe in themselves more. Studies that have been takes show that individuals that own dogs are able to confidently list their goals more than those who do not own one. On top of one having much confidence, the dog owner also has an increased self-esteem. Consequently, dogs help an individual in reducing their blood pressure. It is a fact that when one is under stress, then the body is prone to releasing hormones that increases the blood pressure. By petting or staring at a dog then the relaxation mode of one is activated and thus results to the dropping of their blood pressure. Dogs are best known for increasing the heart health of an individual. It is also a fact that the dog encourages between one and another dog owner. Shop DSquared2 is a guarantee for an individual getting fashionable things.

Digs also motive individuals in participating in exercise. A huge population of the Americans do not exercise a lot given by the nature of their jobs. When an individual does not exercise, then it is notable that he or she will have some sort of stress. But because the dog always needs exercise, then it is certain that an individual will also participate in an activity. Humans are considered to be social animals and thus cannot survive on their own. The percentage of Americans who say that they are lonely has not hit about 79%. By an individual considering having a dog then this challenge is eliminated. Consequently, when with a dog an individual is able to live in the present given that they don’t have to worry about the future whatsoever. Forgetting about the past is also a possibility.

Finally, petting a dog is also known to be a way in which one can reduce their stress. An important aspect to note is that humans also need a sense of tough. Additionally, dogs do trigger laughter in an individual. That is why most doctors recommend for individuals with stress to watch dig videos.