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Advantages of Geofencing Advertising

Several businesses enjoy more important benefits using this solution that is highly-targeted and location-based method of geofencing. It involves determining a particular area that notifications and alerts pop up on their mobile phones. Companies that use geofencing can use either GPS or RFID signals to determine a fenced area. An already fenced area will give a company alerts about people going into that area or leaving the area.

Geofencing marketing is also known as hyper-local advertising. Using a mobile phone, you will get notifications from Google requesting you to give a review about a facility that you have just visited. They know the facility that you have come from using geofencing marketing. Buildings and locations that customers have just left can be reviewed. Geofencing marketing can be done in a competitor’s location. You can push people that visit your store to use your app.

In geofencing marketing, the fence is virtual, not physical. GPS points help in deciding the location. All people who frequent a particular location can receive ads and alerts through all software that is using geofencing technology. Using geofencing marketing, you can target your competitor’s customers along with your prospective customers. The area of your competitor can be geofenced. You can appeal to consumers who enter a geofenced area by sending ads that are customized and incentivized to them.

In geofencing marketing, marketers can attest that your relevant ads conversion rate is higher compared to ads spread in a wide region. Ads done through geofencing are timely and highly targeted. Consumers receive real-time offers. This means you will be sent to people already in that store’s vicinity. You are not reaching out to customers who are far away from your company. Rather, you are sending ads to customers within short proximity to your company. With geofencing marketing there is improved possibility for customers to engage your business.

Collecting better information leads to better insights. With the use of geofencing marketing you must access all the data to be able to decide on several other things. The data gathered should be about the segmented area that is easy to approach, the area that can be expanded and the stores that are performing well. Enhanced data will help you to decide how you advertise to our would-be clients as you will be gathering data on your buying behaviors. You are privy to data on where they shop, live and how they utilize their time. A data scientist can be likened in geofencing marketing.

It is possible to focus on a specific audience in a geofenced area in your business or location. It means you will not spend any more time on campaigns hoping to get some business out of it. There are clear vital advantages of geofencing marketing to many businesses. In this fast-paced world, such locations may be just what a business needs.