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Essential Number of Astronomy Facts You Should Know About
For more than three and a half thousand years humankind has been studying the stars. That is from the fact that the Earth does revolve around the sun to the rings of Saturn are a few amazing discoveries we have been able to make in that time. We have been able to look beyond the solar system to the furthermost reaches of the universe thanks to the technology evolved. The discoveries have led to noting numerous things that are more extraordinary read this additional info.

Below are the amazing astronomy facts that will get to blow your mind. Mankind has been looking at the stars for the entire of human history that is even during day time. That is due to the reason that right in the sky above us there is a star that does pop up every morning. It might not be looking that impressive from where we are standing but note that it is 93 million miles away. And In fact, it is at almost 900,000 miles across that means the sun is so big that we could fit a million Earths inside it. Know that the sun is just an average sized star for instance Betelgeuse is over 700 times bigger than the size of the sun.

Another astonishing fact to note is that Saturn is enormous that is about nine times of Earth’s size. But Saturn density is the lowest in the solar system. One-eighth of each cubic meter of the Earth is equal to every cubic meter of Saturn and that is because the planet is made up generally of gas. Saturn would float, as crazy as it sounds, note that the density of Saturn is, in fact, less than that of water meaning if you could have a huge enough bucket to put it in and filled with water.

A total solar eclipse happens to be one of the most beyond belief astronomical events that you can be able to observe even without specialized equipment. During a solar eclipse you may be wondering how it gets for the moon to perfectly cover the face of the sun. Because the moon is not even closer to the size of the sun which is a million Earths. Understand that a total solar eclipse happens as a result of an incredible coincidence. In comparison with the sun and moon diameter the sun is 400 times larger. Note that the sun and the moon happens to both look like most of the same size in the sky when we look at them that is because the sun is further from the moon 400times