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Remembering Our Loved Ones

Death is normal, despite of all the differences we may have when it comes to our personality or anything that a human can have. That is the sad reality that we are facing almost every day. As we all may know, death is always a painful experience to you and the people that is around you who has been with you for your whole life and those who cares about you. All the things that they just want to do is to cry and mourn every day. So what should one do to still remember their love ones without staying too long in the mourning stage?

There will always be the times where you will be able to question your life and the existence of God. Sometimes we will want to have answers on why this was allowed. Grab a hold of His word and you will not fall.
You should be able to move on and get on with your life fast enough so that you can stand again and do the things you should be doing. These can be few of the ways to remember our loved ones. The first one you can do is set a memorial garden for them, you can easily keep the memory that you have still alive and you can also have some flowers in it and it can also symbolize the growth and the continuing of your life as the flowers have their bud. Try to choose to plant those plants that are long lived and the one with beautiful flowers to have a beautiful place to reminisce the memories that you had with them when the time comes. You can buy or have your star if you search the internet enough on where you can buy them. Try to support or continue doing what they have loved doing in the past when they were still alive. It will remind you of your loss but you can make it into a positive remembering instead.

Losing someone whom you truly love can be very crippling that it may feel that you are not going to be able to stand again but go to God and seek His refuge.