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Guy Fawkes Mask Invention and Its Revolution

It was the time when Queen Elizabeth was a ruler that Guy Fawkes was alive. When you became against the government you were supposed to be killed. When you were caught you were to be slaughtered and even hanged. Guy Fawkes then saw that the sentence was too much and decided to kill himself by jumping from a ladder. Read more below to understand where Guy Fawkes mask came from and its progress.

Many priests died during the time of Queen Elizabeth 1 because she hated Catholics. When King James took over, he followed the steps of the queen. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic and he was tired of this behaviour. He joined alliances with the other Catholics, and they concluded that they would explode the parliament with gunpowder.

The life of Guy Fawkes was mostly spent in the battles. When he saw how the king repressed the Catholics it made him angry. Thus, he asked the king of Spain to start an English rebellion. This was to be done against King James. This kind of act inspired Guy Fawkes in making the gunpowder plan.

They were to put the gun powders in the basements of the houses of the lords. Guy Fawkes chose a day that there would be an opening session of the parliament. The day that Guy Fawkes chose was a good day because he knew that King James and his son would come. But before everything happened there as a letter that was received and it was about the gunpowder plan. When investigations were done Guy Fawkes was found red-handed in the cellars with some matches. On November 5th it become his day, people would wear masks of his face and mock him. He had not yet become their hero.

In England, one could see many camps set all over. In the camp there was a man who was imprisoned and his name was V. He was detained because scientists used to have tests done on him. One day the prisoner broke free and burned down the entire camp. V decided to revenge on people who had him imprisoned. It was then that he decided to wear Guy Fawkes mask so that it can inspire him. Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask was similar to wearing a human right shirt.

V met a girl called Evey and the joined hands to fight the evil political parties. By this the mask was then seen as a sign of freedom and hope and Guy Fawkes was declared a hero.

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