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Reasons People are Giving for Supporting the Move to Changes the Drunk Driving Laws in Texas

According to a recent poll many people in Texas want the government to make the drunk driving laws stricter. The poll was undertaken by the Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute that showed that 54% of the citizens are dissatisfied with the current legal blood alcohol concentration limit of .08 and want it lowered to .05. The poll also showed that 46% of the people in Texas desire that law to change the BAC from .08 to zero. Here are the justifications for making the drunk driving laws in Texas more strict.

Utah is one of the State that has made the drink driving law changes to have a BAC limit of .05. To make laws in a state like Texas it is normal to review the regulations in other states. The poll was conducted on 1000 people from Texas and 3000 from the remaining states about making changes to the drunk driving laws in the area. According to Dr. Garson taking these high numbers is essential to getting accurate and reliable results on the opinions of people in Texas.

The unpredictability of the BAC is the other justification people are using for changing the drunk driving laws in Texas. Although two people may have an equal BAC you may find out that their behavior is influenced differently according to experts. You may find a person who is within the required BAC limit of .08 causing accidents despite adhering to the laws. Thus, it is not adequate to use the BAC limit alone for improving road safety creating the popular opinion of lowering it to zero.

The other justifications for lowering the BAC is to lower the number of road accidents that result in deaths and severe injuries. According to health experts drunk driving is among the leading cause of road accidents in Texas. Therefore, it is only logical to propose a lowering of BAC to reduce these accidents.

The question that experts are raising is on whether lowering the BAC to .05 is strict enough to result in any positive changes. Experts are also advising people to seek more information on the effects of drinking various types of alcohol such as a glass of wine versus a bottle of beer. It is also crucial to learn more about the effects of having a .05 alcohol concentration on your blood. To improve road safety many people in Texas believe it is necessary to enforce the drunk driving laws.